Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) Revamps Marketing Cloud Solution With Document Cloud Service

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) recently launched the Document Cloud service. This is akin to the victorious Creative Cloud that Adobe had launched earlier. The service will be priced at $15/month.

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Document Cloud service aiming conversion of users to subscribers

The purpose of Adobe through this service is to translate the users of Adobe Acrobat (its premise software resolution) into the subscribers. Through this new service, Adobe shall offer its subscribers, the solution, which will amalgamate the cloud software with in-house apps, along with the value-added solutions. This translation will enable Adobe to strive for higher revenues.

Features and characteristics of DC (Document Cloud)

The focal point of this service is the Acrobat DC. It is refurbished or a better version of Adobe’s previous doc-viewing software. The successor is optimized, with a range of fresh features such as touch displays. Also, it encompasses of the Tool Center that helps in accessing the tools that a user frequently uses. With the help of imaging tech (a feature taken from Photoshop), the new version offered by Adobe, shall allow the users in better and improved scanning of documents.

Other features offered by DC includes better e-signing of documents (also free), better scanning of images, automated movement of signatures and files, as well as Mobile Link and new applications for mobile. The new features will give its subscribers, the functionality similar to the desktop computers.

Adobe’s Document Cloud Service: A Revamp Effort of Marketing Cloud Solution

Launch of the DC service, just before the financial report of the first quarter, indicates Adobe’s effort of revamping its online Marketing Cloud solutions. Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE), with its new launch, is targeting better algorithm engine along with data analysis tools. The overhaul will allow Adobe to improvise its online ad software associated with the marketing Cloud solutions.

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