Airbus Group and Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) to Make Flying Even More Uncomfortable

Both Airbus Group and Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) are making plans to refine their services even more in an effort to provide a more satisfying travel experience.

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Orders for single-aisle passenger jet liners have already been made. Starting in 2016and 2017, the new Boeing 737 and airbus A320neo are expected to start their service.

The two passenger airplanes have been redesigned to be more fuel economic due to their light weight compared to earlier models. Engineering for these new airplanes has been redefined with the use of light aluminum blended with fiber-glass. This creates a light but strong compound. The shedding of weight combined with new fuel economic engines create a chain of effects that reverberate to the passenger.

Lying is expected to be cheaper. The big jets can have more seats added to them due to their big size. Boeing and Airbus claim they can change the seat arrangement to have an illusion of more space while carrying more. The removal of multiple aisles allows for more space to install more seats.

The extra space gotten from eliminating aisles will allow for more than 10 or 15 extra seats. This according to airline management will increase the economic margins of the companies especially combined with the fuel saving.

It has been reported that the airbus will have a better fuel economy per head than that of the individual passengers spending on fuel for their motor vehicles. When Boeing applied to install extra seats to their 737 max 8, the application went through and it followed that they added 11 seats. This created the 737 max 200 model. Following the move, Ryanair Holdings PLC (NASDAQ:RYAAY) made an order worth $11 billion for about 100 of the new airliners.

Airbus was not left behind in the revolution ally move. Their application was also approved and they added 15 seats to their A320neo model.

The news of additional seats got mixed emotions with some citing safety issues. However, it is well known that the two manufacturers have a much reined research and development team. The new models will certainly benefit both passenger and airline companies a much more satisfying experience.

John Eisler

John Eisler

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