, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Lures All And Sundry With ‘Unlock’ To Avail Paid Services Free Of Cost, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is eager in setting an example and realizing a paradigm shift as it has taken quite a few strides in building the popularity and exquisiteness of AMZN android based app store. AMZN had been bringing about inception of deep discounts in order to make the app store popular and thus drive usage.

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Amazed And ‘Unlocked’

Lately, AMZN has come up with a move – rather, a new feature, that is deemed to be the biggest launch in recent times. Invariably, this move is the largest known storefront promotion till date.

The company has carried out a number of tests and updates on a feature or section called ‘Unlocked’, wherein, the users may have easy access to a number of paid applications and a plethora of in-app purchase based software, easily downloaded free of charge. The idea behind such promotions is clear – AMZN wants to have a great base of consumers under its belt and thus gain popularity.

Unlocked And Leaked?

All and sundry may consider this move as AMZN’s intent to showcase prime services for the applications. There have been a few leaks around the corner, wherein the details of the app ‘Unlock’ have been elucidated. Even the feature’s snapshot has purportedly been leaked, sources say.

The deck highlights myriad apps that features the biggies like Sonic Dash, Sega America and other noteworthy independents like UsTwo (of Monument Valley fame). OfficeSuite 8+PDF Converter are a poplar reading/editing app by Microsoft Office that finds a place as a non-game app on the deck.

Details Not Shared

The promotions hovering around ‘Unlocked’ showcases that everything in this app is deemed to be available free of charge! However, when the developers were approached by the media, they mentioned that this nitty gritty information cannot be percolated as a NDA has been signed with the concerned parties.

Long Term Strategy, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has taken up this price busting move to lure users and boost platform centric activities. AMZN has a wider scope or long term strategy in place and this ‘Unlock’ app may be the first stride forward!

David Barry

David Barry

Barry is a senior journalist at Us Markets Daily. He reports, shoots and edits many of his own stories by himself.