Analysts Show Concern About Hike In Wages Of McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD)’s Employees

Niggling criticisms, scathing remarks and talks that pour down to McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) being unjust to the employees, and not delivering enough with the minimum payable wages being lower than demand by the workers and associations of $15 per hour. Finally, the MCD think tank has given in, baffling analysts and surprising varied communities on the efforts made in hiking the wages.

Why are analyst so optimistic about MCD?

Analysts at premier companies like Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse discussed pragmatically on the vagaries of this purported hike and discussed at length on the financial impact it would have on MCD’s earnings in the forthcoming quarters.

Credit Suisse’s Pragmatic Estimate

Credit Suisse considers that the company would reach a price target of $99, thus maintaining a holistically neutral rating, depicting a 4% upside from the company’s current prices. The company has low numbers of US company operated stores; this is a boon for MCD in disguise as it would not impact uncannily to the company’s prospects in near future.

Quite concomitantly, this wage hike can lead to creating 1% EPS during the quarters in 2016. Credit Suisse has thoroughly reviewed the balanced sheet and conjectured that 28% of the company’s costs would be towards company sales in the US and a 10% hike in holistic US wage costs that adds $120 million to labour expenses.

Out of this number, $30 million would be generated feasibly, whereas the unexpected growth in costs is estimated to $90 million. No incremental expenses or variances in pricing have been considered during this statistical study. The franchisees that operate close to 90% of all the MCD stores need to conjecture on a simultaneous step up in wages for the US employees.

Merrill Lynch Says, ‘Buy MCD’

Merrill Lynch considers that traders can buy MCD shares. It has a net price objective estimating to $112. The US company stores that show high-teen percentage may face a reduction in profits by 400 basis points. High wage rates would affect approximate 1500 company stores in US. Now if McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) gets going with lower rating of credits, this would add to higher debts, returning cash in larger amounts to stock holders.


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Standley Adam

Standley Adam

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