Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO, Tim Cook, Writes Op-Ed Blasting Anti-LGBT Bills

Tim Cook who is the CEO of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post against anti- LGBT bills.

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Cook joined a team of industry frontrunners in making a firm stand in the fight against lesbian and gay discrimination. This is after the passing of bills that allow people and businesses to discriminate against the LGBT.

Example of such undertakings is the Indiana bill that gives religious individuals the capacity to cite their beliefs in refusing to offer services to people with the LGBT orientation.

In Texas, there is a bill that will lead to penalties being slapped on the salaries and allowances of administrators who issue matrimonial certificates to same-sex couples.

Even if this bill doesn’t go through, there are many other bills and laws that are already infringing on the rights of lesbian and gay couples. Cook made a statement that the bills allow injustice against the LGBT by masquerading as principles that people believe in. He added that such kind of behavior and laws are going against the nation’s long-standing principles of promoting equality.

Cook spoke on behalf of his company and declared that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). is a discrimination-free company which is open to all, regardless of their orientation. He also expressed his disappointment, with the new Laws that Indiana’s put in place. He called upon the government to review the laws.

Cook’s statement came after similar statements from the heads of companies in Silicon Valley. Counter offensives have also been launched as a means to demonstrate and sensitize people against the rogue Indiana laws. Some companies have refused to fund employee travel, as well as attendance of any events in Indiana. Other extreme measures have been taken, like the cancelation of the $40 million expansion of the headquarters of Angie’s list.

Such bold measures are aimed at attacking the government so that they are pushed to identify the mistake they are making as well as the infringements on human rights.

Abbott Michael

Abbott Michael

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