Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Watch, The iPhone Killer

The new smart watch from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) nicknamed the ‘iPhone killer’ is nothing short of a master piece.

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In an interview by Wired, Kevin Lynch, VP of technology at Apple explains that people are so in touch with the ever growing world of technology. So much that it takes away the human social aspect. The new device is expected to be released this month. It will be the first major Apple device to be revealed without the presence of Steve Jobs.

The device is created with the major intention of monitoring relationships, thus rebuilding the social scope.

The device has a brief, but interesting history, going back two years ago when Kevin Lynch was offered and accepted a job at Apple. There was no job description on the offer, perhaps partly because the company wanted to keep the project a secret.

Lynch was not expecting such an offer especially from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), considering the past attacks he had launched at Apple for the iPhone’s lack of Flash support. Maybe the executives at Apple had seen something they liked in his ability to point out the flaw when no one else did.

It was upon arriving at the company on his first day and skipping a job briefing that he was taken directly to the studio. There he found the already initiated project. But they seemed to be stuck with only the hardware, and yet to discover the full scope and potential of the project.

The new VP narrated his realization of how much the project meant to the company as its next innovative frontier since the tablet. There were, therefore, a lot of expectations from the project. Especially being the first one without Steve Job’s supervision.

The project was unlike any other. Apple was planning on going even bigger with this product. With smart watches from different phone companies flooding the market, they had to come up with something unique. It was then that they decided to make the product a luxury premium device. This meant they would have to tweak the device to optimize its performance. Maintaining impressive speeds while giving it the capacity to run important functionalities. And most importantly, the watch had to have that premium look too. Both the console and strap had to be carefully designed to something that exudes class, style, and exceptionality.

Apple was making the watch as premium as it could get. That is why the watch will come with a price tag of up to a whopping $17,000. If this project proves a success, it will open doors for the company’s future ventures. There is speculation that the company might soon venture into the car industry.

David Barry

David Barry

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