Cytori Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CYTX) Gets A Nod For Cytori Celution System In China

Cytori Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CYTX) recently announced that it received a nod from the State Food and Drug Administration of CFDA or People’s Republic of China for sale as well as distribution of Cytori Celution System. Both, Cytori Therapeutics as well as Lorem Vascular, its exclusive licensee has been given the green signal to do so. Meanwhile, it also announced that its ECCS-50 cellular therapeutic, has been granted the orphan drug status by European Commission. ECCS-50 will be used for treatment of scleroderma symptoms.

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The special medical device of Cytori Therapeutics

In conversation with Benzinga , the company’s CEO, Dr. Marc Hedrick said that Cytori Celution System, the medical device of company is the key to its success. He explained that the device was as huge as a washing machine and this will act as the manufacturing setup of cell therapy. This device is fully automatic and uses a graphical UI for the purpose. It is infused with a range of biologic and electromechanical technologies. The CEO explained that it was possible to conduct the treatment in just an hour.

The fat tissue of a patient is put in machine’s one side. Thereafter, the physician needs to push just a button. The pharmaceutical grade cells can be extracted with the help of a syringe, and these cells are being used for treating the patient who lies at the other end of this machine.

Most advanced cell therapy

The company CEO added that Cytori Therapeutics Inc has been into existence for over 10years and this machine is its single latest cell therapy. He also called his company, the most advanced one to do so. In this regard, the company has maximum number of patients, regulatory approvals as well as the capital investment amount. This makes it one of the largest companies in the segment and its entry into Dragon will open new avenues for expansion.

Standley Adam

Standley Adam

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