Ex-pilot Sues JetBlue Airways Corporation (NASDAQ:JBLU)

Clayton Osbon filed a lawsuit against Ex-pilot sues JetBlue Airways Corporation (NASDAQ:JBLU). The pilot who had a meltdown earlier in 2012 claimed that the company was wrong in allowing him to fly when he was in fact in no capacity to do so.

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Clayton, who is now 52 years old, stated that he was forced to make an emergency landing, after having a meltdown during a flight,. At the time of his meltdown incident, he was piloting a passenger plane from New York to Las Vegas, but the plane had to make the emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas.

Clayton took the initiative to sue the company for $14.9 million a few days after the German plane accident. The plane crashed in the French Alps, killing over 150 people including the crew. Osbon claimed that his erratic behavior on the plane was caused by a seizure that the air travel company should have identified. He had missed out on a preflight conference and was reported to appear slow and confused.

He cited that JetBlue had failed to make any attempts to establish whether the captain was fit to take to the sky. He further went on to state that the company was intent on protecting the jobs of crewmembers that did not have the full capacity to carry out their jobs. Clayton pleaded that the incident laid him open to humiliation, ridicule, and additionally he lost his credibility as a pilot. He could no longer hold down a job. Osborn had been charged in court at the time, but his case was dismissed on the grounds of insanity.

In the current lawsuit, he is accusing JetBlue of breach of contract and negligence, with a requirement of $4.85 million for punitive damages, $4.85 for compensatory damages and another $4.85 million for emotional stress, reputable damage and other totalities. Additionally the lawsuit disclosed that Clayton’s diagnosis came after seven months following his arrest. Also, the seizures had not been recurrent, following his continued use of recommended medication. He was therefore allowed simple tasks such as driving.

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