Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Clarifies Doubts About Users’ Posts

One question that troubles millions of people who use Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) every day is about what type of posts are allowed by the social media giant and what type of posts are banned? Sometimes, Facebook bans certain posts without users’ knowledge, which create unnecessary problems. In order to get rid of all such issues, Facebook has decided to clarify which posts are prohibited and why.

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Updated Community Standards:

There are more than 1.39 billion users who make Facebook a universal communication medium. The number is growing swiftly with every passing day. In order to make sure that all of these users can communicate without any hassle, the company has updated its community standards. Users with different mindsets use this social media platform to post about anything they want, which create problems for others. Facebook clarified on Monday about what type of posts would not be entertained in the future and what’s the reason for taking such step.

There were quite a lot of occasions in the past when Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) banned some pages or profiles without any notification. It never clarified as why it took certain action. Not only did this step of Facebook created buzz around, but also made a lot of people write to the company saying that it had cheated on them and favored others. The latest decision of Facebook to update its community standard is an attempt to create a balance of the biggest social media network in the world.

While talking to media, Monika Bickert, Head of global policy management at Facebook, said that the company is trying to draw a line and create a balance in the way its community works. The path is very complicated and needs a lot of improvements. The company hopes that this step will clarify doubts about the kind of content that shouldn’t be posted in the future.


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