Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Quietly Testing A New Notifications Bar

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will make its notification bar much more than a list showing recent behaviors and invitations. They are now quietly testing a new notifications tab and will be implementing it first on the mobile users across the United States. No exact timeline of implementation has been disclosed.

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Not just events, but the notification bar will be able to pull the entire content from the entire website and then serve it at a single bar. The development of this bar was confirmed to Mashable by Facebook. Only after a beta phase in US, will Facebook plan to implement this feature across the world. Facebook spokesperson has told Mashable that the “updated” notification tab is under test and will display “relevant content”, which could be “helpful to know on a particular day”.

The new notifications tab would feature eight sections by default, which includes Birthdays, Events, Nearby Places, News Shared Locally, Nearby friends, Trending Topics and Today in the past.

It shall also include Life events, which would display a list of events from your friend groups, which were either published today or happened today / recently. Trending topic would display a list of about three topics from the existing ones in the News Feed. Nearby friends would show the friends who are nearby to the user. This would be only activated if the user has opted to receive such notifications and feature in their mobile.

Currently, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users don’t have the luxury of being able to personalize their notification tab to show either more or less of these sections. That being said, it is still not clear if this ability of being able to customize would remain even when Notifications have rolled out worldwide.

The ‘Today in the Past’ section appears to be particularly appealing since it would serve as a status update as well. It would resurface the old posts made by user’s friends.

Abbott Michael

Abbott Michael

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