General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) Unveiled New GP100 Line 6-Kilowatt Power Rectifiers

The Critical Power Business unit of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) unveiled new power rectifiers of GP100 line. The new line includes a range of features and specifications, most important of them being the compact GP100R module. The new GP100R of GE will be used in the form of telecommunications and data center rack. This will be used, for providing solutions in relation to the networking, embedded data as well as power supply to the industries.

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Specs and Features of GP100 AC-to-DC rectifiers 

These rectifiers come with 6 kilowatt power capacity while also being space-savers. The rectifiers do not consume a lot of installation space. It is possible to mount two GP100s in the rack space of 1U. With the unique feature like this, GE has offered to the industry, the 3-phase power supply system with the highest density.

GP100s come with the capability of being paralleled to the systems in the range of 12 kW to 432 kW. This indicates that GE has offered a system that is more efficient and also fulfills the space requirements.

The Critical Power Business’s GM of Embedded Power division, Karim Wassef, said that by enabling three phases in a single U, General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has offered the best from both the areas, without any compromise.

The cost saving project

The GP100 line power rectifiers prove to be cost savers, in terms of not just the overall ownership cost, but also the operation amounts. At the same time, the new line enables doing away with the single phase issues of balancing. This is done by ensuring that the overall growth of electrical phases takes place in equal percentage increase.

Apart from being the cost-savers, the new rectifiers also come with an ability to be marketed rapidly. This will happen because rectifiers are designed and developed using unique a methodology called FastWorks. It amalgamates the processes of discussion as well as external thinking into one common process of design.

The overall launch will enable the customers in getting efficient capacity in terms of computing, communications, and data.



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