General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)’S GE Capital CDF Launches An Online Portal For Motorsports Dealers

The CDF department of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)’s GE Capital recently launched the online portal called Dealers Insight, for guiding motorsports dealers for better business decisions. Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) department of the company will provide vital information regarding financing, demographics and inventory to the dealers through this portal.

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The new portal- Dealers Insight

As the name suggests, Dealers Insight will enable these dealers to get a peep into vital insights in order to run and function the business successfully. The portal shall be updated on daily basis, by extracting the third-party research as well as the compiled comprehensive data of CDF.

The President of CDF’s motorsports group, Sameer Gaur, explains that the business owners often need huge data and information for running their operations. However they are often not getting access to this knowledge because of lack of resources and time to sort and drift through various channels. The new portal, Mr. Gaur explains, enables them to get actionable information in just a single glance and this will allow them in making quick decisions.

The real-time data access

Dealer Insights will facilitate the users with real-time data like the travelling distance of the potential customer up to the dealer’s location. Also, the present and potential consumer demographics shall be made available on the portal. These will include consumers’ income statistics and population, as pertaining to the specific territory of the dealer.

The online portal will also give information and knowledge regarding the comparison of CDF motorsports dealers with the aged inventory. Vital information, like the number and kinds of units available at the interest-free programs, shall also be available at the Dealers Insight. The real-time data like this is crucial for the dealers in order to take relevant actions regarding the promotions and sales as well as inventory and marketing mix.

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