Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) Hepatitis Drugs Suffer At The Hands Of Heart Drug Amiodarone

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD), recently issued warning regarding its new drug associated with hepatitis C, viz. sofosbuvir. The company, while issuing the warning, also said that though interaction of sofosbuvir with the anti-arrhythmic agent, amiodarone is rare, but can be fatal.

Where do analyst foresee upcoming resistance in GILD?

Amiodarone is used in treatment of hazardous rhythm problems, and that too, in highly difficult and intricate cases. It is known for a range of side effects as well. Meanwhile, the Hepatitis C drug of Gilead, Sofosbuvir, which is sold in the market as Sovaldi, can be a potent killer if used with the drug mentioned above. Sovaldi is marketed in combination with Harvoni, the anti-viral agent.

The fatal interaction of Amiodarone and Sovaldi

Recently, Gilead has reported nine such cases where symptoms of slow heart beat were detected. Also, one patient, having used the combination above, faced fatal consequences and three patients had to be given the pacemaker. In their first treatment day, where sofosbuvir was used, six such cases were found. Also, a range of patients had to be given furthermore antiviral agents, while seven patients were taking the beta blocker. Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) says that the cause of such action due to interaction of the two drugs is not known as of now.

According to the infectious diseases specialist, Paul Sax, who works at Brigham and Women Hospital, the interaction of the two drugs is rare and out of the box.

Affect of warning on sofosbuvir use

The news of warnings like these by the production company itself gives dangerous effects to the revenues as well. However, the Braid analyst opines that it is most likely that there would not be any significant impact of the warning on use and sale of this drug. According to him, there were approximately 1000 patients, who at present were taking amiodarone. This is much lower than 200,000 patients already having received sofosbuvir, as of now.

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