GNC Holdings Inc (NYSE:GNC) Enters Into Agreement With NY Attorney General, Gets Herbal Plus Restored Stores-Wide

GNC Holdings Inc (NYSE:GNC) conveyed in press reports wherein spokespersons from the company have disclosed outright that the company has finally reached a consensus and thereby an agreement has been signed with the esteemed New York’s attorney, reaffirming in written format what has been in vogue in rumours for some time. Indeed, finally GNC has affirmed that the Herbal Plus products that it deals in are fully compliant with the industry standards and the notified guidelines laid down by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Why are analyst so optimistic about GNC?

Good Manufacturing Practices

The company’s practices have been validated as ‘good manufacturing practices’! As per NYAG’s inquisitive questions, GNC highlighted in the agreement that the company has carried out rigorous tests, carried out both by independent third party agents and also internally. The tests were detail oriented and provided conclusive evidence and insight into the nitty gritty of GNC’s manufacture practices.

Tested And Okayed

An esteemed senior FDA expert analysed and prepared a holistic, comprehensive review pertaining to GNC’s manufacturing. With the FDA’s approval, GNC has ineptly restored the entire assortment of its useful Herbal Plus products across myriad of stores located in New York. Further, GNC has proposed to lead holistic expansion of its testing procedures, deepening the supply chain and maintaining the traceability standards that the industry follows.

GNC’s Aims

The company believes that as and when it gets escalated to an industry leader, it would adopt stricter reviewing policies so as to ascertain maintenance of stringent and apt industry standards; this shall purportedly be a win-win situation for the industry, consumers and the company, on the whole.

Issues cropped in after subpoenas were charged by NY state attorney general; GNC Holdings Inc (NYSE:GNC) had to remove dietary supplements from the shelves of its stores. However, apparently, the company has currently passed the test and is upbeat for doing business safely, and with more aggression.

Abbott Michael

Abbott Michael

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