Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Claims It Reduced Android Malware By Half In 2014

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) put in a lot of efforts last year to the fight against malware. According to a new report by Android’s state of the union, the efforts have paid off.

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According to the report, the clampdown against malware on the android device has seen a massive decrease in malware threats and attacks. The report states that the rate of malware installations went down by over 50% I the year 2014.

The research revealed that the number of Android devices which had installed apps was only 1%. Further, the report revealed that installing applications directly from Google play led to a 15% decrease in harmful installations and malware.

Most of the devices that had malware are reported to have had applications installed from other online sources or authorized unknown sources.

Google seems to be impressed with those numbers. The reduced malware levels mean its efforts have paid off. The company is therefore in a better position to protect its customers. In an attempt to sensitize Android users, the company will be offering a 44 page report. This report is intended to allow users to access to information concerning the malware, SMS abuse, ransomware and other evils affecting the android systems.

The report will aim at educating android users on the current avenues for cybercrime and how to avoid being victims. This knowledge is expected to have more impact in reducing the rate of malware attacks in the future. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) apologized for the short nature of the report and promised more comprehensive reports in the future.

Google’s developers recently announced the disabling of about 200 chrome extensions that were said to be threats. The extensions had affected about 14 million users.

Despite Google’s recent breakthroughs in the fight against malware, the company failed to mention the vulnerability of Android’s WebView. Android devices running on jellybean operating system and older versions are more at risk especially due to the lack of support through updates. However, review and upgrading of websites will double up as an extra measure to curb malware.

Scott Sally

Scott Sally

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