Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Launches Cloud Console App (Beta) For Android; iOS Version To Be Released Shortly

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has announced the launch of innovative cloud console customized solely for android based devices. This android based app helps developers duly manage myriad of projects that the company chooses to host in its cloud parlance, from android based mobiles, tablets and phablets.

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Cloud Console Beta Helps Garner Important Statistical Data

Cloud Console app is currently running and being coordinated in beta mode. This innovative software helps all and sundry analyse the status of various other installed apps, set up or receive and coordinate incident alerts, dutifully manage the resources associated with the cloud platform and notch up substantial performance statistics from obtaining information from Google’s cloud monitoring services.

The beauty about Cloud Console Beta is that the users can customize the app’s dashboard and draw all requisite information, at a glance. The information may comprise billing estimates and various monitoring graphs. Besides, these applications also aids in checking and tracking various incidents by the virtue of cloud monitoring solutions and add comments to the issues that prop up, thus helping the team know and comprehend the current situation and trace the best ways to handle the same.

Functions Of The App

Besides cloud based monitoring, issue identification, sorting and solving, different graphs portraying the operations of the application engine and instances from the compute engine can be drawn. Operations like starting or going about and stopping any instances can be carried out, directly from the app’s interface.

Each issues or comments are described in the computation engine, machine type and zones analysed, IP tracked and machine’s corresponding output data comprehended and analysed before being shared in the app. Interestingly, whatever graphs or statistics are shared in the app can easily be shared publicly.

Advancements In The Pipeline

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is upbeat about this beta version of Cloud Console. The company has robust plans in the pipeline. Over the forthcoming months, the company wants to innovate add myriad of other features that would make the app all the more important and interesting to possess. GOOGL is also gearing up for an iOS version launch of this application sometime, later in 2015.

Brown Terrel

Brown Terrel

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