GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG) developers, manufacturers and right holders of premium plant health enhancement products, announced the launch of AgraBlast, a premium fungicide brand designed for use with AgraBurst to offer an end-to-end eco-friendly and non-toxic solution for plant health.

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The innovative product

GroGenesis innovative product, AgraBlast, can be defined as a liquid broad-spectrum fungicide, bactericide, algaecide and general sanitation innovative offering for use in agricultural business at an industrial scale. It leaves no residue after use and works as soon as it comes in contact. The product has been introduced for the prevention and control of pathogens and horticultural diseases. It is used to offer immediate surface sanitation of hardware including tools, surface and storage buildings.

The features

GroGenesis innovative and eco-friendly product, AgraBlast, breaks down into natural components, leaving no distinct odor, visible residue or harmful effects on postharvest commodities or plants when used as per given application guidelines and label directions. The product can be sprayed alone to control infection. There is no requirement to mix it with other fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. It can be used in combination with AgraBurst. When used in combination, it enhances the integrity of healthy plants and revitalizes diseased parts on early-stage infected crops.

A tested product

Mr. Joseph Fewer, the CEO of GROGENESIS INC (OTCBB:GROG), said that as said earlier, the new innovative product has undergone field testing. It was tested on various different cash crops. Also, the management was invited to test product efficacy on high-value coffee plants affiliated with Coffee Leaf Rust in Central America. The current solutions used for Coffee Leaf Rust are synthetic fungicides that are not only expensive but also copper-based products that can result in toxic accumulation in soils. GroGenesis offers two innovative, inexpensive, biodegradable and non-toxic solutions to stop infection, and they are AgraBurst and AgraBlast. They are an effective replacement over synthetic fungicides.

Brown Terrel

Brown Terrel

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