Hollund Industrial Marine Inc (OTCMKTS:HIMR) Moving Towards Better Development and Expansion

Hollund Industrial Marine Inc (OTCMKTS:HIMR) is company trying to establish itself. In its initial stages, the company has tried to make quite a few developments this year, with respect to its projects. The company has just recently re-launched its website, in an effort to drive more sales. The president of Hollund, Peter Meier, said that there was an increasing demand by its customers asking for timber samples and pictures of the hardwood that the company markets. The website is aimed at providing the customers with these pictures and give an overview of the working practices of the company. This should give Hollund a boost in sales and help develop its image.

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At the start of next month, the company also reported its first large timber shipment. The shipment was especially prepped for large volume hardwood suppliers, including architects and wood specialty builders. The president expressed his delight and excitement at the company’s first major shipment. He also thanked the company’s shareholders for their support and making this possible. The shipment weighed almost half a ton and contained different species of wood from the company’s Bayano Reservoir Project. However, the shipment is for samples only and is being carefully delivered to buyers who are well reputed in the industry. The president also said that such a large demand for samples means that the company has a lot of distributors interested in its products and the company has caught the attention of the market as well.

Additionally, the company has also started to make plans for expansion. It wants to broaden its customer base, while starting to expand the horizon for its operations management team. The company is trying to make a move from purely aquatic environments to adding land-based environments as well. The company is committed to efficient resource management and plans to keep its environmental foot print to a minimum. From here the company wants to expand in terms of its partnerships as well. Based in Panama, the company is planning to make its presence known in South America, while keeping in mind the environmental concerns associated with the timber market.

Hollund Industrial Marine Inc (OTCMKTS:HIMR) closed at $0.0021 losing 12.5% on April 09.

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