How Are Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) And God Mode Connected?

There are many consumers who spend more time searching for something to watch on Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) than watching a video on Netflix. The reason is simple, website addiction to brevity. The titles on the site are hidden by sliding bars.

Have analyst identified a ongoing trend in NFLX?

As a result, user needs to click on it to know more titles. Now, the problem can be solved be ‘bookmarklet’, named as God Mode. Users can pop the God Mode into the bookmark bar and then load Netflix. After logging, they can click the button following which sliding bars turns into grids of movies.

The problem

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has to deal with the problem of too much content on its online platform. The streaming services opt for new interfaces to address the problem. The users can get the best Netflix interface on the Windows 8 app where lots of content is visible at one go. Even users can access more by simply swiping left or right. The feature conveniently replaces feature of scrolling.

However, Netflix has failed to introduce such an interface for different operating systems and it is the reason why God Mode is introduced for Netflix users. The users can see all the TV shows and movies at once. There is no need of repeated clicks on the interface to know hidden titles.

The other announcements

Netflix share price has been trading weak over the past few weeks in expectation of new online streaming service, named as “HBO Now.” It is slated to be introduced in next month. Analysts at Oppenheimer have reported a bullish research note on Netflix’s stock as they remain optimistic on the online streaming company’s outlook and prospects over the coming quarters.

The analysts believe that it as shares are trading 15% down from 52-week high and are close to 150-day moving average, it is an excellent buying opportunity ahead of a number of original show launches.

John Eisler

John Eisler

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