India Ecommerce Corp (OTCMKTS:IEEC) Introduces “uknowme TV”

Jeffrey Martin Global Media LLC and India Ecommerce Corp (OTCMKTS:IEEC) introduced “uknowme TV” in Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago. It is launched to almost three million cable subscribers on the CrossingsTV channel. It is a part of the ‘uknowme’ joint venture between Jeffrey Martin and India Ecommerce. The audience in these regions will be able to view forty-nine hours of program weekly. It will be telecasted on Xfinity channel.

Let this analyst breakdown the obvious technical-indicators for IEEC.

The management view

Ashish Badjatia, the CEO India Ecommerce and also of “uknowme” said that e-commerce and television will create a unique customer acquisition ecosystem that will enhance the value of its all properties. Marty Schiff, CPO of uknowme, further added that the company is delighted to introduce its unique television concept that brings television together with e-commerce and social media. Schiff is also head of uknowmeTV operations. Paul Overby, Chief Strategy Officer of uknowme, said that the latest launch was just the first part of uknowme’s push into television. The company will continue to look for more air time across the globe.

New advisor

In last week of February, India Ecommerce Corp (OTCMKTS:IEEC) appointed Cicero Consulting Group, LLC as an advisor to uknowme. Joe Abrams, the Managing Member will advise the unknowme executive team with the development of key InterActive video technology offerings, placement of TV content, and creating contact to firms affiliated with Mr. Abrams for joint marketing, partnering and distribution efforts.

The other details

Mr., Abrams, who will help India Ecommerce with its new venture, had founded the Software Toolworks. It is a publicly held publisher, distributor and developers of entertainment and educational software. The software was sold to Pearson, Plc. for more than $450 million. He also cofounded Intermix, which was the predecessor firm to MySpace. It was acquired by News Corp. in 2005, a deal valued at $580 million. Abrams has served on several boards, assisting in capital raisings, public offerings, and acquisitions.

David Barry

David Barry

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