Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) Reaches Intraday High, Continues With Its Winning Streak

Investors have caught sight of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), as lately, it traded throughout the day to the highest benchmark of $109.49. The shares have well been below the trading average of $200 in a day, having an average of $103.53 for intraday trading, since January 20. For 16 consecutive quarters, the company has the company has been exquisite in its performances, beating the expectations of its earnings per share by a wide gamut.

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JNJ is well aligned to their winning streak and is upbeat in making consecutive profits, beating its own EPS. On Tuesday, the company put its winning streak on line, before the opening bell this Tuesday.

The company manufactures health care products for consumers. Analysts conjectured that the company would earn $1.52 for each share eventually. The earnings report is primarily focused on uplifting the pharmaceutical business. However, there are talks across quarters regarding currency conversion risks for the company owing to the strong dollar.

What Investors Hope?

Investors are not only likely to be wooed by the company’s current turnout, profitability and how it meets its EPS expectations, they are also eyeing a boost in its net dividend from the current perspective and hopes it to be 2.8%. On the other hand, there are many who believe that the company is quite a big entity, and it may full well split into around two or three smaller entities.

The company is also prudent and upbeat in its medical device business. Speculations and mixed information tend to cater to volatile earnings report reactions. This makes it an important entity to harp on while catering to the weekly charts.

Any price chart depicts how a company has fared in the past and this invariably poses as a guidance for the same, into the future. Future price direction can be assessed by investors from the price charts.

Scott Sally

Scott Sally

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