LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) Buys Refresh.Io To Add Predictive Insights Into Its Products

LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) has been pushing to make adaptive changes. The company has made the first move through the acquisition of

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The company that boasts of over 350 subscribers due to its professional appeal aims to introduce anticipatory computing. This will allow the prediction of information that is suitable for each specific user. which also shares a similar name on iOS, informs people about other individuals in your network area before you can meet them.

 LinkedIn has not announced the terms of the contract. The company did, however, disclose that the acquisition is technologically oriented as well as having a focus on talent.

Initially the main application of would allow you to log in through LinkedIn or Facebook. The application allowed for a more developed profile, by presenting the user with information that he or she recently interacts with as well as news relevant to the user’s preference. Following the new acquisition, the main application will no longer be operating as of April 15. New sign-ups will also not be taken in. The current team will move on to work together with the LinkedIn team.

In an interview, one of LinkedIn’s spokespersons stated that LinkedIn will work on the different ways in which they can exploit the ideas brought in by the team. The aim is to come up with a variety of different products. The aim is to incorporate these ideas into the different products, thus creating more insights that will increase the popularity and value of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s connected app is expected to be among the aspects that will go through changes based on the new predictive computing elements developed with the ideas from

The application will lag people near a user’s network and will target those using the app in real time.

It is still unknown whether LinkedIn will still maintain and integrate most of the features developed by Refresh before the acquisition. In any case, most of the ideas ad features of Refresh are very creative and could be very useful. Whether they will remain useful depends on the decision by the company.



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