LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) Handovers Valuable Data to the Third-Party Researchers

LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) has many valuable data accumulated with it and has handed it over to third-party researchers. The data mostly consist of the skills we have, the work we do, where we work, about our schooling and studying institutions and more. The company has now handed over all this valuable data to few expert researchers hoping that they will come out with some good ideas with it.

The professional networking site has opened up a significant amount of its valuable data that is set in 11 different groups, mostly covering the professors, researchers and the PhD students. The selection of the group was carried out of the pool of hundreds through a system known as the Economic Graph Challenge. The third party researchers are expected to invest around six months going through this data, which is supposed to be anonymized.

Team of Researchers to Evaluate Impact of Self-Promotion

The data is being handed over in the hope that some conclusions favorable to the job market and the global economy can come out of the effort. The researchers are working in groups or different teams each focusing on different data. For example, the MIT researchers will measure the economic health of the cities by going through the data revealing the companies and people working there.

Another researching team is looking at the different ways in which the men and the women promote their career and personality, especially on their professional profiles. The main goal behind this activity is to find out whether individuals who promote themselves aggressively on social media have higher chances of receiving bigger opportunities in their career. Each team working on this research is being granted $25,000 and the findings are to be made public by the early months of 2016.

Nonetheless, LinkedIn will have a final say on what is to be made public.

With this mission, LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) stands to gain a lot, although it is already putting in a lot of investment in the research. The company will be the rightful owner of the intellectual property that will come out of this evaluation.

Brown Terrel

Brown Terrel

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