Lockheed Martin Associated With RADA Electronic Ind. Ltd. (NASDAQ:RADA) For Laser Weapons Project

RADA Electronic Ind. Ltd. (NASDAQ:RADA) recently announced that it has been selected by Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems Company for Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar. RADA is presently testing the prototype of high-energy laser weapons, all of which are funded internally by Lockheed Martin. For this purpose, Lockheed Martin shall be making use of the radar, apart from other sensors. All the latest sensors and technologies shall be used in combination with radar for providing the necessary assistance.

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RADA’s Association with Lockheed Martin

In context with the association of RADA with Lockheed Martin, the CEO of company, Zvi Alon said that selection of exclusive MHR by Lockheed will bring out a great performance. Zvi Alon added that MHR is primarily suited to be used with those systems which have the ability to counter mortars and rockets.

Lockheed Martin will derive benefit from RADA Electronic Ind. Ltd. (NASDAQ:RADA), which has forte in production, development and sale of such systems like Avionics Systems & Upgrades as well as Inertial Navigation Systems meant for land and air utilities.

What is Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar?

The MHR is the kind of radar which functions with a range of capabilities such as Active Electronically Scanned, Software-Defined, S-Band and Pulse-Doppler. It contains the highly urbane beam-creating abilities. At the same time, MHR comes equipped with tech-savvy and modern signal processing. It helps in provision of multiple missions that can be available on every single radar hemisphere. Another unique feature of MHR is its ability to offer record performance-to-price proportion.

Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar is highly mobile and compact in nature, which comes with the ability to deliver organic and tactful surveillance solutions. This radar will be highly useful for the border and force protection utilities.

The purpose of MHR would be to offer applications like air surveillance, opposing unmanned aerial systems, counter mortars and rockets as well as acting as the indicator for ground-movement target.

John Eisler

John Eisler

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