McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) To Test Out All-Day Breakfast

Fast foods company McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is planning on a new strategy, which involves serving breakfast foods all day.

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The company will initially pilot the project in San Diego before finally rolling out on other branches of the company chain. McDonald’s breakfast menu is very popular, with their fans. In a statement, the company claimed that the idea came from the popularity of their breakfast. The thought that customers wished they could access breakfast meals even after breakfast hours gave company the idea.

Besides the feeling of pride, the idea has developed into a strategy, which can be used to give customers more to look forward to. It has also developed into one of the strategies the company aims to use as a means to keep up a competitive edge. The company is currently going through a hard time trying to maintain its position at the top.

In their website, the company claimed that the reason they cannot serve breakfast all day is because the size of their kitchen grills cannot accommodate orders of high capacity.

The food giant has easily sailed its way into huge profits due to its massive popularity and great command of over 20% of the fast food market. These factors have kept McDonald’s at the top for a very long period. However, other fast food companies are quickly encroaching on its space. The competition is very stiff, and this means McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) must come up with alternative strategies to keep up with the highly competitive market.

The project is a huge one for the company because it plans on spreading its strategy simultaneously to all the branches in its chain if the pilot phase succeeds. Using all the branches will allow for increased profit margins for the firm. Additionally, it will encourage and maintain all the current customers if their branch is not left out. As well as bringing new customers in.

The all-day breakfast is a first, among other strategies the company is expected to come up with.

Brown Terrel

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