MELA Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:MELA) Will Present at the OneMedForum in San Francisco

MELA Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:MELA) announced their CEO, Michael R. Stewart will be a presenter at the OneMedForum in San Francisco. The presentation will offer the company valuable exposure to other industry professionals along with potential investors in the company. The forum will feature one-on-one meetings and uses a unique partnering system to connect attendees. The conference will also be broadcast live via webcast on OneMedTV. Then company will also post the video on its website. The yearly forum will be attended by almost 100 companies that operate in the health and medical fields. The focus of the event is to bring the most promising companies in the industry together for a one-stop showcase of their business models and technologies.

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Unique Product

MELA Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:MELA) has developed MelaFind, a device that assists dermatologists to evaluate and diagnose melanoma in patients. The tool identifies the disease early enough to allow treatments to be most effective to be cured and also at a point when medical expenses are at their lowest. Early diagnosis is vital to eliminating melanoma within a patient. The costs effectiveness is important also. As the disease takes hold and progresses treatment gets more and more expensive. This helps patients control the costs but also allows insurers to keep them reasonable. The product will get some good exposure at the San Francisco meeting.

About MELA Services

MELA Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:MELA) operates in the medical technology segment and designs and develops software-driven technology that is industry leading and cutting-edge. They conducted one of the largest studies ever relating to melanoma and they also are the only company to attain the FDA pre-market approval for its flagship product, MelaFind. The product is certified for US branding along with in the European Union.


The stock broke through resistance at $2.35 but failed to hold much higher levels. It needs to build support at this level that was breeched in December. Momentum has returned but the stock needs to move above its 200-day moving average at $2.29 before becoming healthy.

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