Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Offers Xbox 360 Preview And Glimpse At New Browser

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has released a preview of its new Xbox 360 features and also a glimpse at its new browser. For the Xbox 360, the company added some interesting features that should appeal to gamers that are loyal to the device. Project Spartan is the code name for the new browser that is set to release with the new operating system, 10.

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Xbox Goodies

For the Xbox 360, the company has created a preview site where loyalists and interested parties can view the new features. It’s a preview program and it is designed to soothe players that felt neglected when the company released Xbox One, their latest version of the gaming box. The system will work like the Xbox One’s own preview site and offer details on features being added to the older model. At first, the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will only offer the preview to a select list of invitees. These will include the most avid users of the system. The first release will offer a connectivity test that is designed to address the most common network issues experienced by current players. As the year goes on, more features will be added to the preview.

The company also added a new section to the Xbox 360 console that will allow users to add Xbox One games to their libraries. “Games For Gold” will now be labeled as “Free On Xbox One.” Users with an Xbox Gold subscription no longer have to download Xbox One games from the internet and can do so straight through the console.

New Browser

During the company’s preview last month for the new operating system, 10, the company mentioned its new browser for the OS. Now it has launched an enthusiast site to allow the viewing of the browser and its features. WinBeta, a Microsoft enthusiast, released the video that shows many of the new features for Project Spartan. The browser has Cortana integration and that is the main feature users are anticipating in the release.


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David Barry

David Barry

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