Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Releases New Version OF ITS Office Suite For The Mac

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced it is releasing a new version of its massively popular Office Suite of tools for the Mac. This is the company’s first update for the software suit in some time and it offers some new features that are not only popular, but also productive. The new productivity suite will allow files to be stored on the cloud, which will bring it up-to-date with its Windows operating systems version. The company released a preview of the tools called Office 2016 for Mac and will offer it free for all users of Apple’s Mac OS X 10.10 system called Yosemite . The free offering will expire once the official version is released later this year.

Why are analyst so optimistic about MSFT?

Long Time Coming

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has not updated the Mac version of Office for over five years. The files are allowed to be saved to Microsoft’s One Drive, One Drive for Business and SharePoint cloud services. It also allows for documents to be worked on simultaneously in a manner similar to Google Docs.

The user interface has also been improved. Some of the features include a new, slick design. It also has retina display, a new ribbon interface and support for full-screen viewing.


Other improvements are in the functionality of the suite. Better formatting options have been added along with a new navigation pane that makes it easier for users to find specific spots when working on longer docs. On the Excel spreadsheet part, they made it exactly the same as the Windows version and all the shortcuts have been added that were not available in earlier versions. Power Point also got some upgrades and Outlook, the suites email handler, now has the conversation view that its Windows counterpart offered exclusively in the past. It also has now has support for external apps, which was a frustration for Mac users in the past.


The stock is currently trading at support but a move above $44 would constitute a breakout.



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