Neothetics Inc (NASDAQ:NEOT)’s LIPO-202 Is Tested To Be A Safe Drug For Retreatment For Body Contouring

A specialty clinical pharmaceutical company Neothetics Inc (NASDAQ:NEOT) works towards developing myriad therapeutics. Yesterday, there came an announcement that the therapeutics developers for aesthetic markets have initiated a deep throttled study, an open label one in order to thoroughly evaluate the multiple courses of safe treatment.

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What The Study Demonstrates?

The treatment of LIPO-202 or salmeterol xinafoate used as injection and this reduces bulging in the area surrounding central abdomen. This thorough study is a supplemental one and the prestige company, NEOT hopes to submit a new drug application to the concerned US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for coming up with packaging of LIPO-202.

The study has been dubbed as LIPO-202-CL-22. This open label and detailed study comprises eight week long courses for three times. This treatment of LIPO-202 shall extend for a period of 3 months for treatments for non-obese adults who suffer from systemic abdominal bulging.

Dosage Details

For each course, the treatment consists of injecting 20 contiguous subcutaneous 1 mL that comprises 0.02mcg salmeterol xinafoate for every 1 mL. Total dosage is of 0.40mcg and this dosage of salmeterol xinafoate is deftly administered for at least once every week. It is expected that this study would be adeptly used for efficacy trials and NEOT’s phase-3 safety.

NEOT expects to enrol more than 150 subjects across multiple centres throughout the US. The tests and usages gave projected that LIPO-202 has fairly safe profile. The drug has a placebo effect and this is comprehended in the categorical six trials that would be duly conducted.

CEO’s Vision

The CEO and President of Neothetics Inc (NASDAQ:NEOT), George Mahaffey stated that the experiment portrays that courses of treatment taken place on multiple basis can be safe. He further projected that the company hopes to take this stride on LIPO-202 forward into developing programs for various clinical trials slated for the future.

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John Eisler

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