Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) Expected to Rake In Profits With Changing Trends

It is expected that Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) would soon see a boost in sales since the shopping habits of the current generation are changing. A report from the “Morgan Stanley” suggests that athletic apparel and footwear would be the most demanded items in the market. Nike is currently the leader in terms of athletic apparel sales, followed by Under Armour, Foot Locker and Finnish Line. The last year saw Nike record $28 billion in sales, compared to $3 billion of its second placed competitor. There are quite a few things that are making the current generation lean towards this trend; some of them are outlined below.

Where do analyst foresee upcoming resistance in NKE?

Most youngsters have started to focus on their health and keeping fit. Additionally, the current generation believes in regular exercise while the predecessors placed their trusts in dieting. For proper exercise, the youngsters need proper attire and Nike has the best attires to offer them.

With the advancements in technology, the companies can fight their competition with better and irresistible attire. There is separate attire for every purpose, separate shoes for every sport and they are being split even further depending upon your playing style.

Furthermore, the current fashion trends have moved towards the comfort of the consumers. This means that people are looking for more casual, yet comfortable clothing. The analysts also believe that this trend will continue for a long time.

Finally, in most of the third world countries, the middle classes are increasingly taking part in sports and they want the same apparel as their role models. Since Nike manufactures most of the professional sports equipment in use today, it is the preferred choice of the consumers.

That is not all; Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) has also started to manufacture gender specific apparel, which means it would be opening separate stores for men and women. We can all expect a higher level of comfort from the future products, as they would be tailored to each genders specific need. In terms of quality as well, Nike is considered the champion of sports apparel, so it is no wonder it is the first choice for most consumers.

David Barry

David Barry

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