Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)’s #2 Product, Prevnar Vaccine Study Proves Fruitful

A recent study conducted on the Prevnar vaccine of Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) revealed that it acted as a savior to thousands of elders against serious infections. Prevnar vaccine which is used to provide immunity against bacterial and pneumonia infections helped in curtailing the contamination into blood and sterile areas of the body in adults of more than 65 years of age. In this age group, people are more likely to develop diseases because of lack of immunity.

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The Study and its Findings

The study called CAPITA (Community-Acquired Pneumonia Immunization Trial in Adults) was mandatory to be conducted by the company, as was demanded by a few regulatory authorities in some nations.

Published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the Pfizer-financed study included 84,496 participants. Half of these were given Prevnar 13 dose. Rest of these patients were given the dummy shot. It was found that patients receiving Prevnar had reduced pneumococcal infections, by approximately 45.6 percent.

Prevnar 13: The Most commonly used Vaccine in the World

This is one of the most successful Pfizer vaccine fighting pneumococcal infections. There are over 750 million doses of Prevnar distributed across the world. As far as the sales are concerned, it has also proven to be the most revenue-generating vaccine for the company. In 2014, Prevnar generated a total of $4.5 billion. Also, Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) has rated it as its #2 product.

The vaccine was given a green signal by the European Union in February 2015. The EU gave its nod to this vaccine for people of 18 years and above. Prevnar 13 is approved to be sold in over 120 countries of the world. In the U.S., the vaccine has been given a go-ahead for children of age six week until 17 years, along with the adults of more than 49 years of age.

Culver Stinson

Culver Stinson

Stinson is US Markets Daily’s Senior Producer for News & Public Affairs.