Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD) Sees Percentage Rise In Overall Operations

U.S retail drug store chain Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD) recently saw its same-store sales jump 3.3%. A comparison of the figures for the corresponding period the year before for the five weeks that ended February 28, 2015. Additionally, front-end same store sales also increased by 1.6% for the month of February. The company also saw Pharmacy same store sales, inclusive of a figure of about 144 base points. This was the result of new generic introductions impacting negatively by increasing to 4.1%. The company’s prescription total also rose when compared to the previous year period by 2.2%.

Do analyst foresee a momentum shift in RAD?

Financial figures for the five weeks period ended February 28, 2015, showed that the sum sale of its drugstores rose by $44 million up from $$2.513 billion to $2.557 billion. A figure when compared to that of the previous year. Additionally, prescription sales from third party accounted for 97.6% of pharmacy sales. On the other hand for drugstore sales 69.2% represented prescription sales.

For the 13-week period ended February 28, 2015, a 4.5% jump was recorded when compared to the figures for the year before for same store sales. Additionally a jump of 2.0% accounted for Front-end same store sales, and a rise of 5.7% was recorded for pharmacy same store sales. A 3.5% increase over the corresponding period was recorded for prescription; this measured over comparable stores. For the corresponding period, Drugstore sales saw an increase of 3.5% rising by $231 million up from 6.564 billion to $6.795 billion. This figure was again in comparison with the previous year. Prescription sales by the third party accounted for 97.5% of pharmacy sales for the same period ended February 28, 2015. Additionally, prescription sales accounted for 68.1% of the sum of drugstore sales.

For the yearly period ended 52 weeks as at February 28, 2015, an increase of 4.3% was recorded over the same period for same store sales. Total drugstore sale rose by 3.7% to end with sales of $26.345 billion.


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