Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) Releases Its SmartEyelass In Ten Countries For A Price Tag Of $840

Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE)’s SamartEyeglass is up for sale in ten countries and is priced at $840. The product is in competition with Google Glass, which is already in the market. The device will connect compatible smartphones and will allow text to be rendered and symbols and images to be shown in the wearer’s field of view. Though the glass is not fashionable, it should be of little concern as the looks can be changed once the core technology is in place. The little screen is only 0.5 cm high and, therefore, unobtrusive when viewed and will deliver the information directly to eyes.

Let this analyst breakdown the obvious technical-indicators for SNE.

Despite being named Glasses, these are wearable glasses. They do this by attaching to eyeglass and render the info directly to the pupil. The project is open source, which is Sony’s way of getting the maximum developers working on it and getting the developer community to make it work better.

One of the advantages of the Glasses is that it will make GPS redundant. The user will have all the information available at all times and in a more reliable way too. Reviewers have rated the device comfortable which is a relief seeing that they are so unfashionable. The SmartGlass Attach is also waterproof which means that it will not go bad while sweating. However, the reviewers have complained about the bulkiness of the product and steep pricing.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) already has its Google Glass in place, and these next generation glasses are set to revolutionise how we see the world. It is yet to be seen who comes out on top as far as Smart eyeglasses go. At $840, the price is the other side of steep. However, it is worth the money if you have the money. The countries in which the glass will be up for sale are USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Belgium, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Sweden.



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