Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Unveiled The Plan For New Stores Co-Branded With RadioShack Corporation (OTCMKTS:RSHCQ)

RadioShack Corporation (OTCMKTS:RSHCQ) managed to save the life of its 1,700 stores after the bankruptcy court decided to give it a chance. It appears though, as if RadioShack might survive in a way that will surpass the expectations. Sprint Corp (NYSE:S), in its recently filed court document, unveiled the appearance and nitty-gritty of the new stores which will be co-branded.

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Sprint Redesigning RadioShack Stores

Even though this plan hasn’t been given a green signal by Sprint or RadioShack, but the proposal has been filed in the court. The new stores will have the larger and prominent logo of Sprint, with a smaller but still visible sign on RadioShack.

The interiors of these stores will also be redesigned, with the existing fixtures of mobile to be used with the brand space of Sprint. According to this filed document, the co-branded new stores will be visible to everyone on April 10, 2015. This will be the store within another store kind of a model and will get a complete appearance with the signage that will be co-branded. The same structure will be visible in approximately 1,500 stores.

RadioShack’s co-branding plans with Sprint had back-fired

When RadioShack filed in court, Chapter 11, back in February 2015, it also announced about its plans of co-branding the stores with Sprint. During that time, analysts had warned the company to not plan a risky idea like this because including the name of an electronic store like that to locations would hamper it. This is so because the company already lost its repute in the market over the years because of the Internet that drifted the stores towards irrelevance.

Eventually, Ken Perkins, the Retail Metrics President said that RadioShack Corporation (OTCMKTS:RSHCQ) became the center point of all the jokes. According to him, the company was aware about its brand image and the outdated repute.



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