Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR) (NYSE:TEVA) Gets US FDA Approval For ProAir RespiClick

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR) (NYSE:TEVA) revealed that the US FDA has comprehended and approved the company’s innovation – an inhalation powder called ProAir RespiClick which is a compound of albuterol sulphate. It is a dry powder, which is brath-actuated and comes in multiple doses. The SABA inhaler (Short-Acting Beta-Agonist) is commendable for rampant use in order to prevent bronchospasm and treat this disorder in patients aged 12 years and more.

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ProAir RespiClick Is A Safe Drug

Patients down with reversible obstructive diseases and exercise-induced bronchospasms aged 12 years and more. The drug would be available to myriad of patients some time during Q2 2015.

ProAir RespiClick is a novel attempt and has evolved as the only dry powder, breath actuated inhaler that comes to the rescue of the patients. The US FDA has considered all nitty gritties pertaining to the efficacy of the treatment against typical acute asthma symptoms. Dr. David I. Bernstein, an emeritus professional associated with the Department of Immunology, Rhematology and Allergy, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine conjectured that this approval of the exquisite RespiClick is a significant one as it corroboratively eliminates need for coordination with hand and breath during the process of inhalation.

How Does ProAir RespiClick Stand Out?

US FDA’s approval was obtained by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR) (NYSE:TEVA) only after the company carried out clinical development of the drug comprehensively. There were eight clinical trials which were dutifully designed in order to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ProAir RespiClick, amongst adolescents and adults suffering from EIB or asthma.

The trials depicted that unlike other albuterol inhalers, ProAir RrespiClick has no adverse effects or events; this drug is a safer one. No issues like upset stomach, urinary tract infections, body and back pain, sinusitis, etc. were visible during the trials or after wards.

Tushar Shah, Senior VP and MD of TEVA corroborated that the company is committed towards providing and optimizing several respiratory therapies by the virtue of exquisite and new delivery systems that addresses concerns and respiratory issues, thus adding benefits to patients.

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