Texas Instruments Incorporated (NASDAQ:TXN) Announces Pricing Of Investment Grade Notes

Texas Instruments Incorporated (NASDAQ:TXN) reported the pricing of its investment grade notes for total principal amount of $500 million. The senior unsecured notes series consists of 1.75% Notes worth $500 million which are due on May 1, 2020. The net proceeds of $500 million are expected to be used for settling outstanding debt. The Notes offering is expected to conclude by May 6.

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New LDCs

In unrelated news, Texas Instruments disclosed the launch of first multichannel LDCs. There are four new equipments in the LDC1614 family that extends the LDC portfolio. It is a specialized data converter group that the company first launched in 2013. It offer matched channels and resolution of up to 28-bit in a single IC. The combination of multichannel and precision capabilities will enable engineers to plan excellent dynamic range profile and motion sensing applications with simpler and cost-effective designs.

The features

Texas Instruments stated that LDC-supported inductive sensing use extremely reliable and low-cost inductors which can be figured out from the IC. By combining up to maximum of four channels, it helps to distribute sensors in a system. It also centralizes electronics on fewer PCBs. The new system serves as a strong base in numerous end devices including automotive infotainment consoles, cameras, printers, white goods and cameras.

The advantages

Texas Instruments Incorporated (NASDAQ:TXN) channels provide for ratiometric and differential measurements permitting designers to deal with aging and environmental conditions such as mechanical drift, humidity and temperature. The family features precision measurement functionality with up to 28-bit resolution. They can notice the submicron adjustments in distance. There exists a wide sensor frequency range to utilize several forms of inductors. It permits fir use of small PCB coils helping to mitigate overall size, sensing and solution cost. It supports contactless sensing that hinders nonconductive contaminants like dust, dirt and oil. The solution can create sensors in few minutes.

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