The Future Of Athersys, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATHX) Hinges On Stem Cell Stroke Study Results

The failure of Athersys, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATHX) in developing amultiStem cell therapy has ledto more hardship than anticipated for the company. Its only hope for survival in the future is the experimental stem-cell therapy.

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The multiStem therapy was initially supposed to help patients suffering from the ulcerative colitis condition. However, failure of the trials to benefit patients suffering from the condition has led to more desperation by the company. The desperation is evident by the fall experienced in the company shares.

The company’s future is now dependent on the readings collected from the next mid-stage study. The multiStem method involves a process where an adult bone-marrow is extracted and then designed to grow and promote the repair of tissue.

Recent surveys dictate that the current number of people who are suffering from severe ischemic stroke is above 140 people. There are diverse treatments for patients with this condition. The infusion of MultiStem treatments is to be directed within the first two days after the occurrence of the stroke. The treatment methods that are already working are said to require a shorter time like hours for administration of the right quality.

With the new drug, the company aims to prove that stroke recovery can be better achieved with the multiStem rather than a placebo, and within 90 days. The assessment of the principal effectiveness endpoint of the study will be done using three main recovery measures of the Global Test Analysis. The three include Barthel Index, the NIH scale, and the modified ranking scale. When put together, the three measures are expected to register improvements in the intellectual functions, daily living skills, and disability.

Athersys, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATHX) President B.J. Lehmann, spoke out with reference to the clot-busting drugs that are currently used in the treatment of strokes. He said that the company’s current approach for the trials was fashioned to the style used 20 years ago to evaluate tissue plasminogen activator. The study used at the time was the NINDS study.

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