Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM) Unveils Camry As Its Top Selling Motor Car In The US

Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM) has seemingly broken all sales records; leaving aside rampant sales of pickups that dominated the voluminous sales of vehicles in the US, TM’s Camry has evolved as a best-seller car, which posted a number of 40,800 in March 2015. The car sales have been leading at 100,505 for the three months in 2015. The midsized, high mileage and low-priced car has taken the lead, despite plummeting gasoline prices.

Have an analyst breakdown the Bollinger Bands for TM.

Camry Is America’s Choice Amongst Many Other Mid-Segment Cars

TM Camry is a middle segment car, in its Sedan product line. In this segment, the least price is of a model worth $22,870, better than Toyota’s cheaper variant, Corolla valued at $16,850. Camry is on a higher bracket and is priced at $32,285. TM’s strategy pertaining to three sedans has really worked very well. In March, Corolla evolved as the second best-selling car variant – the total count being 35,532.

Camry is up against a lot of competitors; the segment looks crowded. This implies that most of the residents of America prefer these mid-segment cars. Nissan Altima trailed Corolla barely as its sales reached 31,933 for the month of March 2015. Altima sedan is priced at $22,300. Ford’s Fusion has reached within top 20 most selling vehicles, as sales reach 28,044 in March. Hyundai’s Elantra also made a place in the top 20 in March; sales crossed 28,754.

Most Americans Prefer Low-Priced Yet Mid-Segment Vehicles

Most of the American manufacturers with an average income of above $50,000 per household afford the mid-segment cars. Indeed in America, car sales have raise several notches and reached record levels. Even low gas prices haven’t created an impact of people as was expected. Hence, sales of low priced, yet high mileage and mid-sized cars are on the high and portray other figures.

Not many intend to buy some expensive car to flaunt his or her riches and go about spending more for gas. This lays the premise for exquisite sales of TM’s Camry and such other mid-segment, low-priced cars in the US.

Scott Sally

Scott Sally

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