Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Cuts Off Meerkat’s Access From Its Social Network

Meerkat used to access users profile on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) in order to use them for its social network or ‘social graph.’ As per the reports, Twitter has decided not to allow Meerkat to access any more information in future.

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The After Effect of This Cut-Off:

As Meerkat will no longer be able to access users’ information, so whenever new users will sign up, they will not be connected to others who they follow on Twitter. The move has come right after Twitter’s announcement to introduce live streaming service, with the help of Periscope, which it acquired recently. Meerkat offers live streaming services and tweet automatically on behalf of users when they start recording. When someone decides to sign up on Meerkat for the first time, he has to do the same via Twitter. Upon signing up, he is connected to all those who are there in his twitter followers’ list. In such case, if the users have Twitter’s mobile application installed, then they get notification if someone they follow starts the Meerkat live streaming.

A lot of users registered their complaints about this service, but no change was made in the settings. Meerkat made a lot of users feel irritated at times, which had a negative impact on its relations, with Twitter. As the competition in social media gets tight with every passing day, Twitter cannot afford to lose its customers just like that. In order to make sure that users don’t feel irritated in future, the company has decided to discontinue the services of Meerkat, with immediate effect. It acquired a new live streaming service provider to make sure that users don’t go anywhere else. Experts call it a difficult road for Meerkat as it will now be competing, with Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), which is bigger, stronger and have more options than it.



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