Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Tests ‘Quick Filter’ That Removes Abusive Or Harassing Tweets And Users Easily

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has taken a giant stride in its intent to fight the vagaries of abuse and harassment. TWTR has a wide user base and it also has its ‘rotten eggs’: the worst users! Ever since the ruckus and pandemonium on TWTR regarding the mushrooming of worst users who tend to pass racist or weird sexually abusive remarks by tweets and retweets, and often disclosed their vulgarity or obscenity, the TWTR think tank was in the hunt of how to eradicate their mischievous monsters.

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TWTR Wins The Race Against Abuse

The social media company had admitted that it has holistically failed to put an end to such ruckus or social stigma and combat abuses or harassments. However, since its admission, TWTR has braced up its task of removing the list of worst users – thick and fast. Now users can easily ignore the faulty wrongdoers and TWTR ensures that this update that they are working on would be beneficial in thwarting the notorious elements from creating and spreading social stigma.

Twitter’s Quality Filter Is A Value-Addition

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has come up with a quality filter that aims to curate one’s timeline, hide unwanted texts, photos and messages. Moreover, the quality filter will remove the tweets, offenses, abuses, threats, duplicate and suspicious spammy contents that are posted on a user’s timeline. The processes of removing the details would be easy and quick, as per any user’s intent.

Using Quick Filter

With the use of the quick filter, suspicious accounts can be blocked easily and with worry. A Twitter spokesperson commented that this feature to avail quality filter is provided solely to the individuals labelled as verified users. The filters are befitting and are akin to tailored notifications that every verified user can adeptly use.

The harassment rules have also been fine-tuned; now users can report or alert authorities of social media harassment, threats to one’s own safety and can go about flagging other’s tweets that ensure that immediate attention from the social media law enforcement agencies is a requisite.

John Eisler

John Eisler

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