Varonis Systems Inc (NASDAQ:VRNS) Expands Their DatAdvantage, DataPrivilege & IDU Products

Varonis Systems Inc (NASDAQ:VRNS) announced it has added critical enhancements to its three products, DatAdvantage, DataPrivilege & IDU framework. The upgrades also add new capabilities to the products making them more industry leading in performance. The new release is version 6.0.80 expands the platforms to utilize Linux and UNIX environments. This raises the standards for data analysis, protection and management. The platforms work with unstructured data and provide a unique solution.

Have technical analyst identified a strong wedge in VRNS?

New Features

The new features will allow the platforms to find and sort data that is stored on Linux or UNIX frame systems. This will allow companies to quickly lockdown and protect sensitive data and avoid costly and damaging security breaches. They also will have a new statistics interface that reports all activity with files by employees and also monitor email activity in an effort to protect against security issues. This will give the right people the correct access to data and not expose it to prying eyes. Workflow capabilities are also being tweaked to allow users to collaborate more quickly and seamlessly.

Easy Access

Large amounts of unsorted data are always an issue for companies and especially for workers. Besides the confusion they create and the time involved locating and access data, the security issues created are very real. The breaches can be devastating to small companies. Varonis expanding their platform to meet Linux and UNIX standards is important as most large amounts of data are in these environments. Varonis is a leading supplier of these solutions. Linux is an extremely popular language that is open-source. It is built off the UNIX frame so the marriage of the two makes sense in Varonis’ product expansion. Varonis Systems Inc (NASDAQ:VRNS) specializes in human-generated data which is a complex field and difficult to oversee. Any has over 3000 customers and operates globally.


The recent selloff violated support and caused serious damage to the chart. The stock needs to form a base before making any serious moves upward. Next level of support should the stock continue to decline is at $25.05.

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