Why Is Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Anonymous Login Stuck?

Anonymous login is not one of those prominent features that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) provides for its more than 1.39 billion users. However, the company does have an anonymous login provision, but for app developers. It launched the feature early last year at its F8 developer conference.

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The anonymous login tool allows people to create accounts to test third-party apps without supplying their authentic personal details. One of the key issues that Facebook has often emphasized on is the use of real or authentic information when creating an account. This goal has even put the company at odds with users that claim that Facebook frustrates their use of the platform. Native Americans are some of the users that have had run-ins with Facebook over real names.

Wooing developers

While rolling out the anonymous login feature, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) told developers that it was easy for users to sign up and test their apps if they are not required to supply personal information. Further to that, Facebook said users who find an app useful would easily signup for good after the trial period.

However, there has been very little progress if any in the use of Facebook anonymous login feature. According to Facebook’s manager of login products, Eddie O’Neil, only a couple dozen developers currently access the anonymous login tool. Still, only a smaller fraction of the app developers that have access to the tool are using it.

Facebook moves unusually slow

The fact that the anonymous login tool is stuck in the beta stage with just a couple dozen users is not a usual thing for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The company is well-known for its tagline “move fast and break things”, which simply meant that the company doesn’t delay rollout of new products. Facebook also usually has thousands of people even in a beta test of a new feature, but a couple dozens.

According to O’Neil, there is nothing particularly strange with the anonymous login tool for developers. What they are trying to perfect the tool before they make it available more broadly so that they avoid future major changes that may disorient users.

Need for improvement

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has actually been collecting views of developers that are currently using the anonymous tool, and there is a feeling that improvements are necessary. The company hopes to push out some update on the anonymous login tool at its upcoming F8 conference.

David Barry

David Barry

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