xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI) Enters the Body Camera Market With a New Impressive Product in the Pipeline

xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI) has announced its entry into the body cameras market. The news was accompanied by a few other announcements, related to the developments the company has been making towards body cameras. The company, being essentially a wireless technology firm, came up with a product, which has its xMax private broadband integrated. The entry into the body camera market is also part of a partnership with Direct View.

The cameras are due to be launched in the 3Q2015. The xMax would provide the camera with security, privacy and performance with data sharing and communication. The market for body cameras has been expanding quite radically, mostly due to the recent law-enforcement incidents. A real-time video feed would allow quick settlements of such matters. The coming together of the two companies is expected to result in a ground breaking product. Two of the most prominent features are an imbedded fingerprint access and large capacity for video streaming.

The two companies have also outlined prospective areas of applications, which include military, law-enforcement and education, among others. The US government has already proposed $75 million in funding for such cameras, to be worn by police officials. The government hopes that this would lead to better accountability, in the light of recent developments.

In addition to this, XG technologies, has also acquired a patent that allows the company to use a new method for smooth reliable communications in crowded radio frequencies. The company might just add this new technology to the body camera’s portfolio, allowing it to transmit high-definition video feeds almost everywhere. Since the technique is built to reduce data corruption and losses, it could do the same for the video feeds, ensuring greater security of the evidence. Additionally, the new technology has greater uses in cellular networks. This makes cellular companies the main target for XGTI.

xG Technology Inc (NASDAQ:XGTI) closed at $0.539 after gaining 51.83% on May 4. The company has 36.22 million shares being traded in the market, with a 52-week range of $0.20-$3.01.

John Eisler

John Eisler

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