Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) Offers Native Advertisers, A Proximity To Mobile Audience

Applications are making it possible for the advertisers to have a direct and first hand contact with their audience these days. The mobile search service of Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO), called Yahoo Gemini is one such market place for the advertising that allows the advertisers to reach their mobile users, depending upon the application activity.

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There are millions of apps existing in the world today. It has also been established that around 88% of the overall time of a U.S. smartphone user is spent on the apps these days. Users have a unique apps combo on their devices these days and this is the scenario on which the advertisers are vouching.

Advertisers’ proximity to target audience with Yahoo Gemini

Recently the company explained that apart from the facilities like Yahoo data, third-party data and CRM data, the advertisers will be able to use over 40 Flurry Personas in order to reach their mobile audience. Yahoo Gemini will allow the use of 40 Flurry Personas, like Social Influencers and Business Travelers to the advertisers.

Flurry Personas are nothing but the specific kinds of behavioral audience sets that are segregated on the basis of real app use. This is calculated on the basis of aggregate data that is available from Flurry Analytics. The Yahoo Flurry is responsible for building Personas that are dependent on the users who are heavily utilizing their time on certain apps.

With the help of Yahoo Gemini, the advertisers will get a facility of managing accounts and starting the use of combo that includes Flurry Personas and Yahoo data.

Flurry Personas for targeted mobile advertising campaigns

A test was conducted with the CPG Company, in which it was found that use of Flurry Personas in order to target the mobile campaigns led to surge in the brand KPIs from 5 points to 12. In fact, in some cases, use of Flurry Personas also led to a lift of 14 points in terms of brand awareness (totally unaided). There was a 12 point increase in the usage of brand in direct contrast with that of usual mobile campaigns and a 5 point increase in terms of customer’s purchase intent.

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John Eisler

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