Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) Plans To Expand And Include Private-Labeled Brands

Shoppers will soon be able to buy various grocery items like milk, cereal, and baby food among other house household items from Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN). This follows the intended expansion of Amazon’s lineup of private-label brands. For many retailers and according to people who are already acquainted with the matter, this is a good move by Amazon that will give real competition to the only saturated market.

It’s more of a traditional retail model that is likely to be embraced by many in the business of Private labels having gone a notch higher. For a very long time generic products have been vied with such a small opinion. However, Market retailers have now confessed that the private labels are generating stronger margins and at the same time enhancing loyalty from customers.

Amazon is a well known and established online retail giant. It has since gone ahead to obtain a trademark protection for its various Elements brand comprising of water, vitamins, dog food and other household cleaning products.

The sale of diapers has been discontinued, but baby wipes are still on the market. Customers will be exposed to a Prime unlimited shipping membership. However, the offer will only be available to those that will afford to pay $99 a year.

Reports have it that Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) is now seeking partnership with privately labeled manufacturers, with TreeHouse Foods Inc. having been earmarked. The advantage of TreeHouse Foods is that it is one of the largest private-labeled producers from Oak Brook, Ill.

From those who know the producer pretty well, it made $3 billion in sales last year. This was a big improvement and with its envisioned expansion, much more is expected in terms of sales.

Meanwhile, neither Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) nor anyone from TreeHouse has agreed to make comments on the matter hence it is still in waiting. However, there are high chances that all will fall into place because TreeHouse is known to be doing business with who is who in the society.

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