Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Accidentally Promotes Its Prime Video App Ahead of Launch

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might launch the much awaited Amazon Prime Video for apple TV any time from now. Rumors of an impending launch came to life earlier this week after Apple users reported to have seen a story in the App Store that seems to promote the Amazon Prime app.

Applesfera, a Spanish Apple news site reports that Apple is preparing the App Store for the launch. The company mistakenly posted a story on App Store that seems to support the Amazon Prime Video application.

In the story, Apple said the application will cost $99 a year and would offer a huge selection of free ebooks. The post also claimed that the application will provide users with the hottest entertainment. The post added that the service has a collection of great movies and TV and football shows, and that Amazon will provide extra fast delivery to buyers.

This post was discovered by a Reddit user who said that setting their iPhone’s date and time forward made the story appear in the App Store. Many other Reddit users have claimed to have seen the story. However, Apple seems to have sealed that loophole.

This means that the company might launch the Amazon Video app any time soon. Earlier this year, apple promised its customers that it would launch two new products before the end of 2017. These were the Amazon Prime Video application for Apple TV and iMac Pro. At the 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple CEO pledged support for the Amazon Prime application and confirmed that that the app will be available this year.

With just a few weeks towards the end of 2017 the launch is impending. However, other than the leaked promotion, which seems inadvertent, the company has remained silent on the launch of the iMac Pro and the Amazon Pime app.

With no official statement from either Apple or Amazon, Apple users and Amazon Prime Video app lovers are optimistic that the launch might happen within the week.