Ascena Retail (NASDAQ:ASNA) Settles On Eric Hunter As The New President Of Ascena’s Plus Fashion Segment

The stock of Ascena Retail (NASDAQ:ASNA) closed at $2.11 gaining 0.96% in yesterday’s trading session. Ascena retail group, inc has today made an announcement revealing that Eric Hunter will be the new President of ascena’s Plus Fashion segment which includes Cacique, Catherines and Lane Bryant brands.

President and Chief Executive Officer of ascena Brands, Gary Muto in a recent interview outlined that Eric’s broad experience and dedication to serving customers in the best way possible makes him the perfect fit for the position. As part of his background is a 20 years experience in the diverse marketing marketing field. At JCPenney Company, the leader spearheaded research, media, and creative and customer relationship management.

At Kellwood Company he will be remembered as a leader that advocated for teamwork towards the achievement of the company’s goals. He helped the company develop and edge over rivals through his dedication to work and he is expected to employ the same in his new position. At PMK/HBH/Momentum and Creative Artists Agency, he is said to have gained much in terms of business experience.

Mr. Hunter studied at the Northeastern University and that is where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business after which he moved to University of Oxford for his master program and he performed pretty well.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the ascena retail group, inc, David Jaffe said that after an elaborate search process they had stumbled on an outstanding and disciplined individual to take up the leadership of the company’s top end brands. According to him, Eric is moving in with a remarkable track record of strong leadership, strategy and vision and those make him best suited for serve as the leader of the company’s Plus Fashion segment.

Mr. Hunter in delivering his acceptance speech outlined that he was indeed pleased with taking up the new position. He went further to say that he would do all within his means to ensure that he sparks a major transformation in the company. According to him, dedication to work and the setting of goals go a long way towards helping any company develop an edge over rivals.

Standley Adam

Standley Adam

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