CEO Speaks About El Pollo LoCo Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:LOCO)’s Success Mantra

El Pollo LoCo Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:LOCO) has attained successes recently. This can be attributed to a phenomenal set of combinations of the top notch elements that evolve as the right combinations for the fast-casual restaurant chains and the company’s exquisite traditional joints of fast food. The CEO was all praise this Tuesday in his opinion about the company and how it was meeting the prospects and promising for garnering bigger and better business in near future.

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Quality Meets Efficacy

Quality with pace is considered as an efficacious combination that prompts growth and development. This is what the company is proposing to lure people from all fraternities. The CEO and President of the esteemed company, Steve Sather told media that the company has bolstered itself as a brand. He guaranteed that the quality matches full well with the service. A Chipotle or even a Panera are quick-buys, fast-casual foods that the LOCO brand emphasizes on and sales the most.

The CEO Speaks

Apart from quality, the CEO mentioned and positioned his words that the quality of service rendered would at least match, if not surpass that of a Chick-fil-A or even a Taco Bell. The conviction that the CEO expressed in his interview speaks volumes about the company’s business mind set and endeavour to make the best of the opportunities.

What Statistics Say?

Statistics revealed by FactSet portray that the stock of LOCO has risen significantly by more than 32%. In comparison, other restaurants that are competing in this business parlance have depicted a sales rise by nearly 8%. Sather admitted that the phenomenal growth can be attributed to contributions from Hispanic populations that catered to the business prospects and successes of the company. About 30% of LOCO’s profits have sufficed from sales proceeds from the Hispanic populace.

El Pollo LoCo Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:LOCO) has been able to cater to and capture a broad consumer base in the US. The food has good taste and also is apt for health as the foods are flame-grilled and not just deep-fried.

David Barry

David Barry

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