Chanticleer Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:BURG) To Install Mobivity Holdings Corp (OTCQB:MFON)’s Blockchain Technology

Chanticleer Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:BURG) and Mobivity Holdings Corp (OTCQB:MFON) reported plans to use latest blockchain-architected platform named as MobivityMind for customer communication and commerce across brands. This platform will support company’s cryptocurrency consumer loyalty and rewards plan.

The details

Chanticleer Holdings’ brands, including Burgers Grilled Right, American Burger Co. and Little Big Burger will use the MobivityMind blockchain-architected platform to reward clients with a currency that can be used across all company brands and beyond. Dennis Becker, the CEO of Mobivity, reported that having a burger marks as a means to mine for cryptocoins! Every meal had at any Chanticleer brand will accrue currency for the customer that can be traded with other customers or used for future meals. It revolutionizes conventional customer rewards into something that the customer can control.

Michael D. Pruitt, the CEO, Chairman and President of Chanticleer Holdings that they intended to expand their current loyalty program with something that extremely alters the way their consumers can leverage their rewards. Mobivity Merit marks as real cryptocurrency, using the same principles and infrastructure of Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum and more, and will allow their clients to use their rewards in new ways.

Use their Merit mined by having at Little Big Burger to avail a buffalo chicken sandwich at popular American Burger Co. As an alternative option, they can trade them merits with vegan friend who can use these for a veggie burger at BGR. This is just the beginning. Mobivity’s Merit enables brands to establish one-time application rewards which can be exchanged across brands and traded with almost no fraud concern by using the decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency pattern. Pruitt added that they are thrilled to see how customers respond to the notion of obtaining real, transferrable, secure value in lieu for their loyalty to their brands.

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