Check Cap Ltd (NASDAQ:CHEK) Announces The Receiving Of The CE Mark Approval For C-Scan®

Check Cap Ltd (NASDAQ:CHEK) has over the years struggled to sharpen its competitive edge in the market and it goes without saying that the development of C-Scan® will help the company offer stiff competition to rivals.

The most recent announcement by the company is about the fact that it has finally managed to get the CE Mark approval for the C-Scan system though it is also worth noting that it took it quite some time.

The most notable aspect about the C-Scan system lies in the fact that it provides the best alternative to the various colon cancer screening methods that are currently in place. Such conditions require invasive endoscopic procedures as well as laxative preparations. The elaborate platform is characterized by a fully autonomous system which fundamentally utilizes an ingestible, ultra-low dose X-ray capsule that goes hand in hand with a top end wireless tracking system. It is thus possible to generate structural information on the lumen of the colon and thus the medical practitioners are able to look into ways to assist the needy patients.

It is basically all about using the information to come up with 2D and 3D maps of the colon. Eventually, the physicians are able to identify a wide range if abnormalities not forgetting the pre-cancerous polyps. The design of the C-Scan is such that it helps take the patient experience a notch higher. The other thing is that it gets a little much easier to increase the number of those patients that are being screened and of course that is through the elimination of the various associated procedural requirements that are commonly cited as barriers. Medical experts cite sedation, fasting and bowel preparation as the top on the list when it comes to their to-do list in handling patents.

CEO of Check-Cap, Bill Densel said, “Achieving CE Mark approval is a significant accomplishment and an important milestone for our Company. This is a key validation of C-Scan and its potential as a convenient and comfortable option for identifying polyps in the colon.”

Scott Coper

Scott Coper

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